Cancer prevention is the greatest cure.

Cancer Care Philosophy

Navneet Sharda, MD created the Cancer Care Center in Las Vegas, NV with the goal of maximizing cancer cure with minimum side effects.  Since opening in 2001, thousands of patients have become members of the Cancer Care Center family.
Cancer Care Center continually invests in the latest technology and most advanced treatment techniques that focus on patient wellness
.Dr. Nav Sharda Las Vegas Cancer Specialist
Navneet Sharda MD las vegas new technology CT scanner

Dr. Sharda shows off his new CT scanner.

Nav Sharda MD linear accelerator with patient

Dr. Sharda with patient

Armed with the latest advances in the battle against cancer, Cancer Care Center helps patients deal with the devastating effects of their disease and assists them to “take charge of their health.”  Most patients continue to see Dr. Sharda after their cure to improve their overall wellness, taking advantage of his dietary and lifestyle advice.  Our patients give the best information about Dr. Nav Sharda and the Cancer Care Center.

Our philosophy is “Cancer prevention is the greatest cure.”

In the event a person is diagnosed with cancer, Cancer Care Center is the premier place for staging, treatment and management of cancer care.  We focus on cure, recovery, promoting wellness and prevention with the most effective and least toxic conventional medical therapy as well as a blend of Ayurvedic and holistic care. Cancer Care Center will, as an advocate, be the Leader in promoting quality medical services and endorsing healthy positive outcomes that foster wellness, independence and hope.

We treat all types of cancers with particular expertise in the most common tumors such as Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Brain Tumors, Cervical and Uterine Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Liver Cancer,  Lymphoma and Skin Cancer. Navneet Sharda, MD is particularly experienced in the delivery of complex radiation therapy concurrently with chemotherapy (or natural therapies) with minimal side effects.  He is an expert in precision delivery of Radiation Therapy with Intensity Modulated and Stereotactic techniques that maximize cure without effecting healthy tissue.

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