detoxification in cancer cureDetoxification for cancer remission


If cancer is a consequence of progressive damage to the body’s DNA, mitochondria, cell walls and enzymes, then perhaps we can detoxification for cancer remission?  This is an appealing concept which can be exploited by everybody.  We do not need a doctor to stop constantly ingesting things that are harmful-that’s something we can figure out ourselves.  As long as we are able to recognize the things that are toxic we have the choice to avoid eating, inhaling, bathing in or otherwise exposing ourselves to those toxic substances.  The danger is lack of knowledge.  If we do not know that something is harmful then we cannot take steps to remove the harmful things from our life.  The sources of toxicity are many.  They include the polluted air that we breath, the contaminated water we drink, the genetically modified food we eat, the flame retardant soaked furniture in our residence, the electromagnetic interference from our machines, the negative thoughts in our minds, the constant mental static from the mainstream media and the lack of interpersonal connections and spiritual anchors.  An excess buildup of toxicity in any form will certainly contribute to cancer formation.  Detoxification for cancer remission is an eminently doable solution by everybody as we are all exposed to the polluted environment.

Dr. Nav Sharda says that the good news is that the body, mind, spirit all have built in detoxification mechanisms.  We just need to allow them to operate without constantly bombarding new toxins into our being.  One of the simplest things we can do to help ourselves is recognizing the sources of toxicity.  Awareness allows us to chose to either continue allowing that toxin into our life or to remove that toxin.  Dr. Sharda had long been an advocate of healthy living, and personally practices an ancient science called Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest medical sciences in the world and the basis of herbal medicine, yoga, detoxification, surgery, meditation, and mental balance.  He is also a strong advocate of utilizing science to improve our environment, such as this.

Dr. Navneet Sharda MD

Navneet Sharda, MD


detoxification of cancer with organic foodFOOD remains one of the primary environmental toxins in our world.  The industrialization of the food supply and the heavy processing and fertilizer, pesticide and germicide use have resulted in highly abnormal and toxic foods.  Meat animals constantly fed soya and other foods not fit for human consumption will incorporate a lifetime worth of toxin into their bodies, giving a huge toxic insult to the person eating that meat.  Sugar has contributed to the rise in obesity, but so has fructose and the non sugar sweeteners.  Simply reading a label helps to identify the sources of sugar and other chemical toxins in the diet.  Once we know what is in the food we must decide to either continue to eat as always or make small changes.  Remember that many small changes become a lasting large change !  Read about the Glycemic Index of foods.  Learn about the production process of food.  Become aware of the impact that governmental regulation has on the production of food.  Make your choice about how you will shop and eat.  Eating true food is simple and easy, we humans have been doing this since we evolved.  We have only been eating from a package or can for the last 70 years.  Preparing food is a relaxing and meditative time that may be quite beneficial all by itself.  Proper nutrition can assist in cancer remission.

SMOKING is the number one cause of lung cancer and many other cancers worldwide.  There is no reason to smoke and many thousands of detailed studies demonstrating serious fatal harm.  There are many ways to stop smoking.  One of the most successful is to identify what purpose it serves in your life.  If you can become aware of why you smoke (other than the obvious physical addiction), you then have the option to replace the tobacco with something more positive in your life.  Remember small changes become large results.

THOUGHTS are amazing, and can either lift us to heights or take us down.  What we believe we can work to achieve.  If we believe that the world has options for a peaceful and healthy life we can make the choices tha Dr Navneet Sharda Meditation and Cancert allow this reality to manifest.  Meditation is a time honored and tested technique to clear the mind.  A clear mind allows a clear path to emerge.  Dr. Navneet Sharda wants to emphasize that just passive meditation is not enough as constant chemical toxicity will damage the neurons of the brain, imposing some limits to our thoughts.  Because the body, mind and spirit are interconnected all things need to be addressed.  All cancer patients should be understand detoxification for cancer remission by strengthening all portions of the body and mind.  Our natural immunity is the main anticancer function of the body and this is strengthened by meditation.  Spirituality, prayer, belief in a higher power all give us strength and help to clear the mind as well.

ONLY YOU know the sources of toxicity in your life.   A doctor or nutritionist may assist, as does the internet and books.  The choice is yours to become aware of your particular toxins and only by becoming aware can you make a decision about how you handle them.

DETOXIFICATION  for cancer remission and is also vital to overall health.  The methods that the body uses to detoxify itself are manifold and we only understand scientifically a small proportion of those methods.  Humans have always known that they needed periodic cleansing, just think about the sweat lodges of the Native Americans and the fasting and cleansing rituals of hundreds of cultures worldwide.  We need to nurture the health of our detoxification organs.  The major organs of detoxification include the SKIN, LIVER, KIDNEYS, GUT and BLOOD.  Many protocols exist and Dr. Sharda recommends that you find the protocols which appeal to you and your particular situation.  Some cleansing techniquesdetoxification in cancer are a little dangerous and the specifics are somewhat complex, a guide who is experienced in that particular technique may be the safest and best option.  Getting started may be like entering a dark and unexplored woods.  The other side may be well worth the trip, however.  The path is a little unclear but should lead to a very healthy place-enjoy your journey.