Profile of Dr Navneet Sharda

Dr Navneet Sharda MD

Dr Navneet Sharda MDA leading expert in the field of cancer treatment.  He designed the Cancer Care Center in Las Vegas with the intention to create the most appealing cancer facility with the patient first and foremost in mind.

About Dr Navneet Sharda

He is passionate about health and wellness. His focus is on your complete wellbeing while maximizing the cure for your particular cancer. He believes that addressing the root cause of cancer is just as important as eradicating the cancer so that no other tumor is allowed the opportunity to get a foothold in your body.

Dr Navneet Sharda emigrated to the United States when he was 4 years old. He obtained his education from Undergraduate and Medical School at the University of Utah School of Medicine where he graduated with High Honors in Ob/Gyn and Radiation Oncology, then Internship at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.  Dr Sharda moved to Madison, Wisconsin and did his Residency in Radiation Oncology in the Division of Human Oncology at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.  He served as the Chief Resident during his final year as well as the Resident Representative in the Hospital Governing Board.  Dr Navneet Sharda has published in both national and international peer reviewed journals about specialized techniques in cancer treatment and cost benefit analysis as well as specific issues in genetics.  He has also written a chapter on Radiation Resistance in “The Encyclopedia of Cancer.”

Dr Navneet Sharda began his private practice in 2001 in Las Vegas where he opened the Cancer Care Center.  His focus has always been on the patient and he designed the Center for comfort, efficiency and excellence in cancer care.  His clinic is the only outpatient cancer center with the prestigious Joint Commission “Gold Seal” certification in the Las Vegas valley.  Dr Navneet Sharda was the only clinic to have a CT scanner on site-which is necessary in designing the optimum cancer treatment regimen.  He has never restricted the quality of cancer treatment based on cost.

Dr Navneet Sharda enjoys pilates and hot yoga, golfing, hiking, and the occasional surfing trip. You may find him at the occasional concert or local gymnasium.

  • Achievements:
    • First in Las Vegas to have CT/Simulator.
    • First in Las Vegas to offer Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
    • First in Las Vegas to offer Dynamic Arc IMRT.
    • Only Cancer Center in Las Vegas with Joint Commission Certification (equivalent to the best hospitals in the world), demonstrating the highest level of clinic operation.

Dr Navneet Sharda was the CEO for the Nevada Primary Care Network ACO, LLC — a CMS-designated Accountable Care Organization. Under the leadership of Dr. Sharda, the ACO received a top Medicare ranking for FY 2013 (reported in September of 2014) as having the 4th highest savings of ACOs in the entire United States ($22 million in total savings) with excellent health measures, demonstrating that savings were achieved by improving health, not denying healthcare.  The same quality and effectiveness was demonstrated in 2014.

Dr Navneet Sharda currently serves as the CEO of Accountable Care of Nevada, LLC which is the only Track 3 ACO in the state of Nevada.

Dr. Sharda served on the National Credentials Committee and the National Quality Committee for Triwest HealthCare Alliance.

A brief list of his national presentations:
• Navneet N. Sharda, Chin-Rang Yang, Timothy Kinsella and David BoothmanE7 gene product modulates apoptosis and enhances radioresistance.ASTRO Oct. 1996
• Linda K. Brock. Navneet N. Sharda, Bhudat Paliwal and Paul Harari. Routine use of 3-D custom compensators improves the quality of head and neck radiotherapy, ASTRO Oct. 1996
• Daniel G. Petereit, Navneet N. Sharda, Julian C. Schinik and Dolores A. Buchler, Adjuvant whole abdominal radiation for low risk and intermediate risk ovarian cancer. Society Gynecologic Oncology 1996
• Navneet N. Sharda, Timothy Kinsella, and Mark A. Ritter. Cost analysis of alternate treatment schemes in the treatment of early stage testicularseminoma, ASTRO Oct. 1995.