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Navneet Sharda MD is an expert in cancer treatment.

Dr Navneet Sharda


He is a researcher specializing in development of novel techniques in cancer treatment. Dr Navneet Sharda integrates the best of all fields in the cancer battle.  He is a leader in implementing new technology to maximize cancer cure with minimum side effects. Dr. Sharda has written, lectured, and published in areas of advanced Radiation Oncology, cost benefit analysis, novel treatment techniques and quality outcomes in the field of cancer.

Since 2001, Dr Navneet Sharda has been the Medical Director at Cancer Care Center, Las Vegas. In addition to treating patients with the utmost respect, care and comprehensiveness, Dr. Sharda has accomplished some notable achievements during this time:

  • Achievements:
    • First in Las Vegas to have CT/Simulator (Since Inception).
    • First in Las Vegas to offer Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
    • First in Las Vegas to offer Dynamic Arc IMRT.
    • Only Cancer Center in Las Vegas with Joint Commission Certification (equivalent to the best hospitals in the world).  Gold Seal demonstrates the highest level of clinic operation.  Certification achieved 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Dr. Navneet Sharda was the CEO of Nevada Primary Care Network ACO, LLC — a CMS-designated Accountable Care Organization.  In it’s first year, this ACO  was ranked as the 4th highest achieving ACO in the entire United States ($22 million in total savings) with excellent health measures, demonstrating that savings were achieved by improving health, not denying healthcare.
Dr. Sharda previously served on various national committees with Triwest HealthCare Alliance.  He is currently CEO of Accountable Care of Nevada, LLC which is the only Track 3 ACO in Nevada.

Navneet Sharda MD 

National Presentations and Papers:Dr Navneet Sharda

• Navneet N. Sharda, Chin-Rang Yang, Timothy Kinsella and David BoothmanE7 gene product modulates apoptosis and enhances radioresistance.ASTRO Oct. 1996
• Linda K. Brock. Navneet N. Sharda, Bhudat Paliwal and Paul Harari. Routine use of 3-D custom compensators improves the quality of head and neck radiotherapy, ASTRO Oct. 1996
• Daniel G. Petereit, Navneet N. Sharda, Julian C. Schinik and Dolores A. Buchler, Adjuvant whole abdominal radiation for low risk and intermediate risk ovarian cancer. Society Gynecologic Oncology 1996
• Navneet N. Sharda, Timothy Kinsella, and Mark A. Ritter. Cost analysis of alternate treatment schemes in the treatment of early stage testicularseminoma, ASTRO Oct. 1995.

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